Vishal Dattani
Vishal is a senior trader and mentor. He helps with the training and development of traders at Savi Trading. He started his career as a trader at a hedge fund where he used to trade the fixed income markets, before trading at large proprietary firms in both London and New York. He concentrated mainly on the futures side and holds a EUREX qualification. He studied at University College London, where he obtained a degree in Chemistry with Management.
David Watts
David joined Savi Trading at the start of 2010 as a professional trader who also aids the mentoring team in nurturing and training new talent. He has 28 years of trading experience, spending 18 years trading Foreign Exchange at Deutsche Bank, one of the market leaders in the FX markets. Being a veteran in the market, David has trained many graduates during his career, and it is this invaluable experience and knowledge that he brings to the trainees on the programme.
Marc Mesa
Marc joined the team as a trader at the start of 2012 and primarily trades the FX and Commodity markets. He is fluent in Spanish and Italian and conducts courses to students in those languages. Marc studied at the Metropolitan University in Caracas, and has completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering, as well as a Financial engineering Diploma.
Pervinder Badala
Pervinder is the company`s Chief Financial Officer, and is responsible for risk management and business strategy. He has vast knowledge and experience of the controls, systems and processes to manage the business. Pervinder`s background is as a chartered accountant at a mid-sized practice where he completed the ACA qualification. He studied at University College London, where he attained a degree in Statistics and Economics.
Denis Taranov
Denis joined Savi Trading in 2011 and brings over 9 years experience in the Financial Industry with him. Denis has experience working with many brokers, investment companies and hedge funds. Denis is a mentor and has successfully provided financial education to Investment Bank and Hedge Fund individuals as well as to over 1000 professional traders. Denis has three degrees: Business Management from Indianapolis University (USA), Banking and Finance from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Communications from University of Nicosia, all with honours. He is also a regular guest on CNBC.