Savi Trading was formed as a means to recruit and develop trading talent on an ongoing basis around the world, creating a global trading organisation that continuously evolves through new ideas and concepts.

Part of Savi Trading’s philosophy is to provide opportunities for people through investment and education, which was one of the drivers behind the formation of the company. Savi Trading has trained many people to learn the art of trading from novice to professional levels. After taking the courses, one can expect to have accomplished the skills and mindset required to become a successful trader. The emphasis during the courses is to combine the theoretical knowledge learnt with the practical side of trading, making the courses interactive and more beneficial to the candidate, as the theory learnt put into practice. Then you get onto the programming side to help deal with the psychological aspects of trading

Through the talent groomed from the courses, Savi Trading is looking to continually add to its team of global traders to keep Savi at the forefront of trading.