Why should I take the Savi Courses?
Savi Trading since its inception has developed an unparalleled reputation within the trading community for the quality of training and mentoring it provides. The founders of the company were involved in helping train and develop new talent at the top-tier institutions they previously worked at, and have used their experiences to create unrivalled programmes in equity trading,forex trading, commodity trading, and fixed-income trading, where they receive the same type of training they would at an investment bank or hedge fund. The majority of the traders who have progressed through the programme have been successful and many of them are still trading with Savi. Some of them have managed to get jobs within top-tier investment banks and hedge funds based on the excellent training and mentoring they have received. Savi believe their brand name is very important and thus strive in offering the best services in everything we provide and due to this we have gathered an admirable standing within our industry. The Level 1 and Level 2 courses are conducted through Savi Financial College.
Do you teach corporations or individuals?
We teach a mixture of both. We teach many individuals globally and put them on the path to profitability. Over the last few years we have been approached by top tier corporations to conduct trader training for their employees. We are also working with a number of top global universities to deliver trader training to their students as part of their curriculum. If you are a corporation or university looking to develop some markets based trader training for your people then please contact us and we will be in touch.
Do I receive a certificate when I complete the course?
Yes, you will receive a certificate to show you have completed the course successfully. If you complete Level 1 and Level 2, then we will give you the option of enrolling to take the CISI (Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments) certificate in `Introduction to Securities and Investments`. This is a certificate renowned throughout the financial world.
Why does Savi offer mentoring in different products rather than concentrating on one?
At Savi Trading, we have specialists in all the major markets. This means we are able to offer mentoring in various different financial products. We believe this gives our traders a significant edge. When working on the trading floor of a major institution, one of the key factors that give traders an advantage over other traders in the market is the access to analysis and information regarding different markets. This is because financial markets are correlated to each other. So for instance, hearing of an order going through in AUDUSD, can be beneficial to you if you are an S&P or Bunds trader, as it can give you the valuable information to be able to get into the right trade within your traded market before other traders. With our mentors experience and knowledge of their specialised markets, the traders at Savi Trading are able to take advantage of this and trade how traders at a large institution would do.
How many hours a day will I receive mentoring?
Our offices currently cover the European and US trading sessions. The mentoring room opens at 7am (UK time) and closes at 8 pm (UK time) everyday. So in total during a day there is 13 hours worth of mentoring. How many hours you wish to trade depends entirely on yourself. We have traders who like to trade the whole time we are open, but we also have traders who trade around their full time job, so they enter the mentoring room around 6pm (UK time) and trade for the last couple of hours.
Can I trade and receive mentoring from the trading floor?
Yes you can trade from the floor. We have a number of trading floors in different geographical regions that you can lease a desk on. There is a desk fee for trading from the floor. Please enquire with our recruitment team with regards to this matter
What are the advantages of trading from the floor?
There are numerous advantages of trading from the trading floor. One of them is that you get a real feel for the markets and the interaction with experienced traders. You will obviously still have access to your mentors, as you do when trading remotely, but on the floor, you will have access to them face to face. We also run numerous equity trading seminars, forex trading seminars, commodity trading seminars for those traders trading from the floor, where we will go over various topics in our boardroom.
Is there a chance for me to trade company funds?
Yes there is. Once you have undertaken one of our courses, there is an option to receive ongoing mentoring. When a trader partakes in this, Savi are always looking for traders who can demonstrate a consistent profitable trading record. If you can maintain this performance over a number of months, then there is the potential for Savi Trading to back you with a company funded account.
Am I liable for any trading losses I make on my company funded account?
No you are not. As you will be trading our company funds, we fully undertake any losses on your overall trading account.
Are there opportunities for employment at Savi?
Yes. We believe it is important to encourage development and feel that employing from within gives our traders an added incentive to do well at Savi Trading. We have also recruited a couple of junior mentors from within the Savi trading programme, as they have excelled and shown consistently profitable trading and good idea generation over a lengthy period of time. This is based on how you perform.
Can the trading programme lead to a job in a larger institution?
We have had numerous graduates who have joined the trading programme and then moved into a trading role within a larger financial institution. The founders of the company have a good standing in the market, having helped in the training of graduates at the to-tier institutions they previously worked at, and this ensures larger institutions recognise the quality of the training that is provided by Savi Trading