Few trades for the US Open

May 21, 2014 by

Here are a few thoughts on USDJPY:

If it breaks 100.80 on the way down and stays bellow it then we will sell it.

If it breaks 102.20 and stays above it we will buy it and look for about 150 points.


Been short, staying short.


Sticking to our trade from yesterday…want to buy the rally up to 0.92900. Being patient. If it keeps going down, well no harm done.


Went for a shorter term trade here with selling it around where it has been now…considering the short rally from 1.08510 looking for about 60-80 points risking about 50. Stop above the 100EMA on the Daily.


Russia and China have signed a gas deal and things calmed down in Ukraine…so we have sold it. Be careful though as things our of Ukraine can move it against you. Keep an eye on the news and less technical here.