Long term USDJPY trade

October 13, 2014 by

Good day to one and all,

Now that my short USDJPY in the short term played and I have picked up about 150 points (not taking profit yet) my outlook in the long term is now bearish.

I have sold on the break of 109 and now waiting for the break of 107 to add more shorts. This is my trade for the month and I will be loading up short on it. Selling the breaks and selling all the rallies. My 150 points profit gives me the protection to not take any losses.

That is my major trade. I also have an algo running on my short term (20-30 points) range trading and trying to pick up 80 – 100 points here and there in the medium/daily term like short AUDNZD and also some short EURJPY. I am also trying to pick up a few quid by selling EURUSD on rallies (like now).

Have a good week and good luck trading.