Morning Update – 22/11/2016 – by Arjun Lakhanpal

November 22, 2016 by

Morning all.. Wall St closed up 0.75% helped by rising oil prices and Asia also had a good session with the Nikkei recovering from Earthquake news to finish up 0.3% helped by a rally back up in USDJPY after the initial sell-off from the reported 7.3 earthquake news. Through the Asia session USD weakness continued across the board on the margin in G10 FX space. AUD the main outperformer, up ~25bps, compared to yesterday’s LDN close. Fellow Antipodean currency in NZD underperformed despite RBNZ’s Bascand on the tapes outlining the RBNZ expects consumption to improve. However as Europe walked in we have see the dollar recover. Commodities continued its solid rally from yesterday: Copper led metals higher while energy prices are still being supported by hopes for an OPEC agreement. “OPEC’s production-cap discussions went well”, Libyan OPEC Governor Mohamed Oun was on tape saying; Brent up to $49.25 last. Precious metals joined the rally as investors load up on real assets in the face of growing inflation expectations. This morning we get UK government borrowing data and little else.. Good luck..