Course Overview
We have developed an exclusive evening course for prospective traders who wish to spend an evening after working hours to learn the basics of trading. Traders will have the opportunity to come onto our trading floor in the city and be taught by experienced traders who trade for a living. This course will provide an overview of market fundamentals and it will also teach beginner trading strategies so that you can get started in the exciting world of the financial markets.

Course Content

  • In-house training from our trading floor in the heart of the City
  • Introduction to Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Asset classes
  • Starter Trading Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Psychology
  • Trading Game
  • Platform tutorial
  • Access to online training modules for 1 month

One Evening plus 1 month online access

Study Mode
The evening course takes place on our trading floor in the heart of the City of London between the hours of 6.30-8.30pm.  It is available on Monday evenings.

£300 including Vat.