• I came to SAVI at the end of last year in 2014 to begin the Career Trading Course. I had some comprehension of financial market trading but SAVI's course expanded what I knew exponentially. It was the perfect "bolt-on" of knowledge to my legal training. SAVI's course has proven to be an invaluable asset in my present employee, now working for the world’s largest International financial advisory in their Bangkok office.
    Kris M
    Having joined the trainee trader program provided at Savi I have had nothing but positive experiences. From the market recognised training provided by the mentors to the friendly, relaxed and extremely enjoyable working environment provided on the floor. I joined the programme with the aim of securing a graduate trading position at either a bulge bracket bank or fund in the future; I can now say I have successfully managed to secure such a position with one of the largest and most influential crude trading organisations in the world.
    Nazeef S
    The Savi Trading course Level three is most beneficial to me. Studying market fundamentals in level one and a suite of technical indicators in Level two, level three helped a long way in transforming me from an inconsistent discretionary trader into a composed systemic trader. We learnt to create robust rules by which we engage the market and we were taught to use simple tools like Microsoft Excel to semi-automate our trade ideas. Looking around the trading floor, it becomes obvious that trading style and physiology is a major subject. It is reassuring to know that the physiological development of each prospective trader is carefully nurtured.
    I am based in Sofia, Bulgaria and for me trading with Savi is great because it allows me to learn from a team of experienced forex professionals remotely, without having to relocate to London. The full time mentoring has helped me improve my knowledge of financial markets and different trading strategies, as well as developing the psychological beliefs that are needed to be a consistently successful trader. I am convinced that being part of the Savi team gives an edge to any trader.
    Vlad H
    Before I started trading Forex I was working in mining sector, I was attracted to Forex as I wanted the option to be able to work anywhere in the world and to get a good return on investment. Through Savi Trading I received the education that I needed to continue to advance in my knowledge of the Forex trading, It has given me confidence and taught me more than I could ever have imagined.I'm delighted with every aspect and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending to anyone seeking a future in this field.
    Konrado S, Trader
    Savi's graduate training programme was the obvious choice for me as it includes rigorous practical trading floor training spending a number of weeks on the trading floor surrounded by live professional traders. It’s a really good environment for learning because you get the whole spectrum from completely new guys to really experienced traders. The mentoring from senior traders Vishal and Sachin have helped me understand how the theory of technical analysis and risk management can be applied practically. I would recommend Savi’s training programme to anyone interested in trading and the financial markets.
    Arjun L
  • The 3 month Savi Trading course was everything I expected and more. I left my role at a well known American multi-national bank in order to gain the skills and technical ability to make money from the financial markets - and I believe I have achieved this. The mentoring and training from Vish, Sach and Miles from day one was first class. The one thing I would say to anyone considering paying for the course, is that Savi is one of the few firms in London where you can gain the invaluable day-to-day experience of the markets. Risk management is something that stands out as the most important thing I learnt along with the best times of the day to trade, which can't be self taught. If anyone feels like getting into contact, do not hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn
    The time I spent at Savi Trading was great; everyday was a new challenge and a learning experience to overcome that challenge. While at Savi, I learned how to: correctly analyze market movements, look at fundamental/technical information, and how to relay market-oriented data to other traders. In addition, the traders I worked with and interacted with on a daily basis were patient, approachable, and knowledgeable. Savi Trading is a name I feel privileged to put on my resume. I feel the name, skills and people I met at Savi will help me get more than a foot in the door at a prospective company.
    I applied to SAVI Trading to fulfil my long term goal of trading the financial markets. Throughout the intensive 3 month course it has provided me with more scope into the dynamic understanding of the markets. There were no restrictions on the financial assets that I traded and the senior traders were extremely professional in assisting with any strategies available or queries that I had. I would recommend this superb programme for anyone who wants to trade independently or as a step into the financial world.
    Amin H, Trader