Savi Trading have a Career in Trading Course that has been created to teach you about trading the various markets and making a career for yourself in the world of trading from the ground up.  The course has been designed to be completed over a period of 3 months. We use state of the art technology that makes the learning experience stimulating and interesting.  The course has been designed based on a similar structure to how major financial institutions educate their traders.  Our courses are industry recognised globally and you receive certificates after completing each Level.

The training is provided in different stages to guide you through the learning process to reach the target of trading on a professional level with Savi Trading company funds. ¬†During the course, you will have a team of mentors, including partners within the firm, with extensive experience trading the markets, supporting you during each stage of the training.¬† This support plays a key part in helping you to realise your full potential as a trader ‚Äď it amounts to having somebody there to hold your hand and give you invaluable advice as you launch your new career in trading.¬† Our team will develop and maintain a strong working relationship with you during the training as we believe that communication is a vital component to the learning process.¬† By having a good relationship with open communication, you will feel comfortable and relaxed in an environment that is commonly known to be stressful.

During Month 1 you will take part in our Level 1 course, which is ideal to get you started on your path to trading successfully. Here you will learn about the fundamentals of trading and a few strategies to get you started.  You will learn about different asset classes and how they all correlate together, showing you the way to use them to get an edge in your trading.  You will also be taught how to use a professional trading platform so you can make full use of all the functionalities it has to offer as you start your learning on the simulation environment.  Level 1 also delves into the unique facets of trading psychology and risk management with insights from real-life traders who have had to go through these processes to create a successful career in trading for themselves.

In Month 2, you will take part in the Level 2 course.  Level 2 will advance what you have learnt and practiced in Month 1 to the next level.  This course will teach you a number of different technical indicators so that you will now be armed with more knowledge to enhance your style of trading.  Indicators include Oscillators, Fibonacci Analysis and Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.  During Month 2, you will have one on one trading psychology sessions with our Head Traders, to help you break through the mental barriers that you will be coming up against whilst trading the markets.

In Month 3, you will take part in the Strategy Course.  This is a course which is designed to implement the strategies that you will have already developed over the first 2 months.  Here you will learn how to combine different indicators to build more advanced trading strategies, as well as how to automate your strategies.  At the end of Month 3 we would expect you to be trading successfully and have the knowledge to make a successful career in trading.  Traders who have traded well on the simulation environment will be offered the chance to trade company funds for a competitive split on an on-going basis at no extra cost and will become part of the Savi team.

The Career in Trading Course can be conducted in-house at our trading floor in the heart of the city where you will receive your own full-time trading desk within our team of successful traders.  You can also take the course remotely from any location in the world via our interactive trading floor technology.  We currently have remote traders in various locations including China, Austrailia and Brazil.  For this you can come in-house to attend the Level 1, Level 2 and Strategy course in-house or log in via Skype as the course is taking place.  These courses will usually take place during the 1st week of every month. Remote traders will be invited onto the trading floor at regular intervals during the course.

The goal from this trading course for us is to find successful traders to develop a long-term relationship with, who will trade our company funds for a competitive split.  The goal that you should have from this course is to start developing yourself to become a professional trader.  Over the last few years we have had traders who have completed the course who have gone on to secure front office trading roles at various top-tier institutions with our assistance.

You will also have the opportunity to study with the CISI to gain an accredited qualification in Introduction to Securities and Investments.

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